SAP & RPM Infotech Webinar


22nd May 11:00am - 12:00pm


It is no secret that the environment in which pharmaceutical companies operate is increasingly dynamic, being driven by complexities to create an equilibrium between capacity utilization, scalability against the competitive market driven by the regulations and norms.

Current challenges such as tracking unquantified and unstructured data from multiple systems, batch control and traceability, production scheduling, quality and costing, BIN and container management and compliance with stringent regulatory guidelines are few of the challenges that pharma businesses have been battling in recent years.

SAP Business One is a one stop solution for the challenges faced by pharma businesses and it can be used for efficiently distributing Indian drugs in US market with it’s Add-on features.

Join us and discover how pharma industries can distribute drugs in  US market through SAP Business One.

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