Reptile Photo Expedition



Guwahati, Assam, India, Guwahati

21st Sep 7:00pm - 28th Sep 7:00am





Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. The act of searching for reptiles and amphibians is referred to as ‘herping’. This photo expedition is an herping activity whose sole purpose is to understand, discover, study and conserve these species. 

This is a pure adventure for your life where you trek through the dense montane forest gain knowledge about northeast forest ecology and biodiversity. You can see/photograph most rarely documented reptiles/ amphibians in their natural habitat.Learn about the field of herpetology. The participants get more data on herps and help herpetologist in providing data.

You may also experience living with indigenous tribal, understanding their livelihood. Capture the macro photography of reptiles, amphibians, Insect, butterflies and many more. You can also Photograph different species of Fauna, especially orchids. Experience camping in dense forest, experience food cooked in bamboo by tribal. You have more chance to discover unknown to science reptile and amphibian species. Alongwith make the adventure more exciting with some night trekking.


Sept 21st to Sept 28th 2019 (7 Nights & 8 Days)




Situated on the northeastern tip of the country, the state of Arunachal Pradesh is a part of Eastern Himalayan. Arunachal Pradesh occupies the largest area (83.743 Sq.Km) in the northeastern region of India, and consists of mountainous ranges sloping to the plains of Assam. The diversity of topographical and climatic conditions has favored the growth of luxuriant forests, which are home to myriad plant and animal forms, and more than 100 reptile species adding beauty to the landscape. 


Arunachal Pradesh is one of the biologically richest areas in the entire planet. The great altitude and climatic variation has resulted in a bio-diversity that very few places in the world can rival.No wonder then that this unique mix of habitats has resulted in a staggering diversity of reptile species along with other fauna.


The expedition takes you through remote hillsides dotted with tribal settlements, surrounded by leech-infested, dense, wet evergreen forests. This is one of the most inaccessible regions in the world making this one of the most premier expeditions offered. We ran successful expeditions on the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, led by Mr. Soham Mukherjee (NAJA India), herpetologist and wildlife biologist. 


Every expedition concluded with reporting and documenting many rare herp species from this region. We also come across unidentified species that are possibly new to science! We survey several different locations within the region, to explore the jungle and the herps within.

Gear up for a 8 days lifetime adventure-filled expedition in one of the most inaccessible mountain forests and discover the undiscovered reptiles and amphibians!




1. Mahesh Mhangore


Mahesh Is Wildlife Conservator, Wildlife Photographer and Cinematographer. He is director of Wild India Expeditions and WIE wildlife field station. He also promotes responsible wildlife & Eco–tourism in Northeast India and in Western Ghats. He has been conducting reptile expeditions in Arunachal and Western Ghats since 2011. More than 300+ Local and International participants taken part.


2. Soham Mukharjee

Soham is a volunteer at Madras Crocodile Bank, he has done 6 yrs research on reptiles and amphibians. currently he Project coordinator of Gharial ecology Project in Chambal Valley . Also he is animal handling trainer and wildlife consultant for Humane International Society.

Who Can Join this Expedition?

If you are an Herpetologists who want to work on researching the species or a Zoological student who like to experience the trip of the lifetime or a passionate zoologist graduate who would like to take on challenging projects at an early age. 

This workshop is tailored well for Wildlife photographers, Nature Photographers. Snake enthusiasts, Amphibian Enthusiasts and Adventurers who likes to be a part of this workshop can also join this expedition.


Day 1

21 Sep : 

Pick up point Railway station Guwahati, Assam (07.00 pm)

Day 2 & 3

22, 23 Sep : 

Leporiang, Arunachal Pradesh Base camp

Day 4 & 5

24, 25 Sep : 

Sango valley Jungle camp

Day 6

26 Sep

Base camp and surrounding area

Day 7

27 Sep : 

Back to Guwahati

Day 8

28 Sep : 

Reaching Guwahati at (07.00 am)


Arunachal Pradesh has more than 150+ reptile species &100+ amphibian species. Including many new to science. We will search jungle for herps,including non-described species.We will collect biological & ecological data along the way. Mammals like Bengal tigers, clouded leopards, Himalayan black bear, red panda and flying squirrels, etc also inhabit the same forest.

Arunachal Pradesh is covered with 82,000 sq/km dense montane forest. Every year some non-described or new to science flora/fauna species found by researchers.

DOs & DON’Ts

  1. Always follow your guide. Do not wander alone.

  2. Do not take any wildlife samples or “souvenir”.

  3. Do not pass any comment on tribal traditions or culture.

  4. Do not handle any reptile or wildlife animals on your own.

  5. Always follow Forest department guidelines.

  6. Decontaminate boots, clothing & gear prior to excursions.


Very Basic.Base camp will be a small set up in traditional tribal bamboo house. Forest camp will be set up by bamboo shack. Basic food including rice, Indian bread, Indian curry and vegetables.


  • Waterproof Mid-Weight Jacket

  • Waterproof Pants

  • Layered Medium Weight Clothing

  • Leech Socks

  • Ankle high Leather Boots.

  • Sunglass

  • Waterproof Cap

  • Lightweight flip-flop

  • Quick dry Towel

  • Water- Resistant backpack

  • Camera, batteries, Chargers

  • Waterproof Cover for camera

  • Electrical converter & adapter

  • Binoculars

  • Snake Hook

  • Plastic zip Bags

  • Cash for on -Board Tips if Necessary

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Head Torch

  • Sun Screen Lotion

  • Insect Repellent

  • All necessary Medications

  • Motion sickness pills

  • Toilet Rolls


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