Master Trainer

Training & Workshop

Southern Star Hotel

40/2, Lavelle Road, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, Bengaluru

23rd Apr 9:00am - 27th Apr 6:00pm


How does one describe a Master Trainer? Does he/she possess better presentation skills, or do they have supernatural abilities to make flip charts and PowerPoints look less boring? How differently do they prepare? Does age really play a role in making one the ultimate Master Trainer? These are merely a few questions Trainers often ask. There is a lot that one can speak about when discussing both the roles and responsibilities of becoming a Master Trainer and an effective Master Training certification program.

Master Trainers are highly competent training professionals who are not just responsible to train the Trainers or lead people to change or shape moments of reflection or moderate discussions while sharing life experiences and expertise but to also ensure that they mentor, guide and support the learning ecosystem. Ones with an excellent track record and play a vital role in the successful execution of training programs thereby not just meeting the organization’s learning objectives but also ensure the participant’s level of engagement, interest and retention value is optimal.