Weavers Nest - An event on hand crafted jewellery and finest hand woven sarees

Exhibition and Trade Fair


Bangalore, Bengaluru

17th Oct 11:00am - 7:00pm


"MiradorLife brings you Weavers Nest"
MiradorLife brings you Weavers NestWe have collaborated with Mayabazar and artisans from Assam to bring you Weavers Nest - an event on handmade jewellery, sarees, and textiles. Weavers Nest will take you into the world of rural artisans of India that hand-weave sarees and textiles. The event will also introduce to the different ways charakkam, patwa craft, gundi kaam, and crochet jewellery is handmade. You can also learn How handmade jewellery can help define your persona. How to drape a saree in different styles – from traditional, formal, to casual.