Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule

Training & Workshop


7th Dec 7:00am - 9th Dec 4:00pm


Secure coding is the practice of writing programs that are resistant to attack by malicious or mischievous people or programs. Secure coding helps protect a user’s data from theft or corruption. In addition, an insecure program can provide access for an attacker to take control of a server or a user’s computer, resulting in anything from a denial of service to a single user to the compromise of secrets, loss of service, or damage to the systems of thousands of users. Defects, bugs and logic flaws are consistently the primary cause of commonly exploited software vulnerabilities. Through the analysis of thousands of reported vulnerabilities, security professionals have discovered that most vulnerabilities stem from a relatively small number of common software programming errors. By identifying the insecure coding practices that lead to these errors and educating developers on secure alternatives, you can take proactive steps to help significantly reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities in software before deployment. In this workshop, Vivek shows participants through live demonstration, how to identify and prevent coding errors with a view to eliminate security flaws during implementation. Identify the nature of the threats to your software and incorporate secure coding practices throughout the planning and development of your product.