ASG Technologies Mobius Webinar


12th Oct 3:00pm - 4:00pm


Is your business grappling with challenges related to content & records management and data validation?

ASG Technologies Mobius is a comprehensive ECM solution that can help you get a single view of all your data.

ASG Mobius, Content Management Solution

Key Features: Document Management, Records Lifecycle Management, Redaction, Access Rules, Audit logs, Store any file type - cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment, Automatic Storage Management, Encryption at Rest, Annotations, Full Text Search, Litigation Holds, Integrate with any Capture/OCR Solution, Customisable Interface

Key Strengths:

  • Easy integration with any applications, ERP, workflow & web portals with TCI component (Total Content Integrator)– pre-integrated with SharePoint and SAP
  • Ability to handle extremely high volumes. Some of our customers use  across any file type like documents, audio, video etc. Some customers use over 75 petabytes of data on Mobius
  • Faster archiving on the cloud with less server resources as compared to competition. Some customers have over 1 billion documents on AWS

Use cases: Traditional document management, archive all SAP content, accounts payable and receivable automation, legal/contract documents archival, report distribution etc.

ASG ABS, Audit Balance and Reconciliation

Key Features: Line Item Reconciliation, 3-Way Match, Match from any Content Source, Strong Business Rules for Matching, Workflow for Review/Approval, File Verification

Key Strengths:

  • Performs spot audits when data is extracted or moved
  • Gathers data from variety of sources - databases, spreadsheets, files, repositories, line of business applications, emails, etc. to prepare your customised reports
  • Populate your Data Mart every time you archive content into Mobius

Use cases: Data matching between applications (eg: match finished goods codes between SAP & Salesforce), automate data audits, automated preparation of reports, invoice matching, anti-money laundering, populate your data mart every time you archive content into ASG Mobius.

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