Smartphone Photography Workshop

Training & Workshop

Crafts Museum

Bhairon Marg, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India, New Delhi

28th Jul 11:00am - 7:00pm


Smartphone Photography Workshop 

With the enormous growth in popularity of smartphones in the past three years has had many developments especially in the field of digital photography. From candid snapshots to sleek ad campaigns and everywhere in between, mobile phone photography has advanced rapidly in a few short years as you get the instant gratification which helps in conveying faster messages. 

For an amateur, the smartphone has already replaced point-and-shoot cameras — not just out of convenience, but also because phones now match the quality level of these cameras. With smartphones taking over what other devices are able to do, photography is becoming more centered around the phone, making it convenient for photographers.

Gear up for an exclusive workshops with our mobilographer Ms Shweta Malhotra who guarantee to increase your understanding the photographic features of smartphones and associated editing apps. Whatever you will learn during this workshop will benefit you through your entire photographic journey.     


Topics covered 


  • Introduction 

  • Framing & Composition 

  • Slow motion and time lapse

  • Capturing RAW with Phone

  • Post Processing techniques

  • Mobile Photography Apps

  • Panorama, Portrait mode, HDR & Night Mode

  • Best Smartphones to invest.


About the Mentor 

Shweta is a well known mobilographer from Delhi. Apart from being a photographer, she is a professional visual artist who has passion over painting and art.  She is an avid traveler who has explored and embraced different cultures of the country. She is humbly blessed with an eye to appraise the precious terminology of an individual, which diversified her approach on art while creating a particular form, or being on the streets and clicking mesmerizing pictures. She has a never ending love to capture the captivating streets and everyday life. 

She strongly believes that streets have a mysticism of the decades of stories imbibed in their aura of dust and walls. 

She has conducted numerous workshops all across Delhi/NCR and other cities in the country which comprise of diverse appearance of paintings and photography.

Venue : Indian Craft Museum

Date : 28 July 2019

Price of the Ticket : 1499/-

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