AWS Meetup: ML on Kuberbnetes using Kubeflow

Training & Workshop

Amazon Internet Services (AWS)

A-3, Saket District Centre, District Centre, Sector 6, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110017, India, New Delhi

21st Sep 9:30am - 12:30pm


Kubernetes provides isolation, auto-scaling, load balancing, flexibility, and GPU support. These features are critical to run computationally, data-intensive and hard to parallelize machine learning models. Declarative syntax of Kubernetes deployment descriptors makes it easy for non-operationally focused engineers to easily train machine learning models on Kubernetes.

This talk will explain why and how Kubernetes is well suited for single and multi-node distributed training, deploying your machine learning models in production and setting up visualization tools like TensorBoard for monitoring. Specifically it will show how to setup a variety of open source machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow on a Kubernetes cluster. The attendees will learn distributed training, messaging and inference phases of setting up a Machine Learning framework on Kubernetes.

Attendees will leave with a GitHub repo of fully working samples.


Arun Gupta
Principal Technologist

Amazon Web Services