Frequently Answered Questions

MyEventGateway or MEG is a comprehensive event management APP and web portal. Use this portal to view details of events around town and register for the ones you want to attend. You can also use it to publish your own events, register attendees, manage on-site engagement and collect feedback.
MyEventGateway portal has mainly corporate events happening across the country listed on it. There is, however, no restriction on any kind of events.
Click on ‘Organize Event’ on the home page of and then on ‘CREATE AN ACCOUNT’. Enter your email id, mobile number and click on ‘SUBMIT’. The next step will ask you to verify your email id and mobile number entered. After successful verification, enter your full name & password and click on ‘SUBMIT’. Voila! You have signed up successfully.
Although signing up is not a compulsion, we would still suggest you to do so along with an updated profile since it would show events curated for you as per your city and/or industry & profession.
Signing up allows you to view events happening around you especially curated as per your industry, profession and city. You can, however, also opt to view all events by removing all the filters.
The app lists all the events around town for you to browse and register for any that you intend to attend. It also shows the events relevant to you, on the basis of your profession, industry or town at the top. Furthermore, the app helps you to check-in at the event. You can also interact with other attendees & the Organizer; participate in polls; receive photos, documents & presentations; ask questions from the speaker(s) and give feedback.
The basic reason is for the security of your account and also so that the signing up confirmation can be sent to you via email and SMS.
On the home page, click on ‘Organize Event’ box on the top right hand corner and then on ‘Forgot Password’. Enter your email id registered with us to reset your password.
Non-receipt of an OTP on the mobile number can be a temporary technical issue. In case the issue persists, try again by clicking on ‘Resend OTP’ button. Regarding the OTP on the email, please check the Spam and Junk folders or try the ‘Resend OTP’ button.
Our website currently works best with Google Chrome. It also works very smooth with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and we are constantly working to add support for other browsers as well.
Yes. To customize our website for your requirements and to help you with a more personalised user experience, we use cookies.
The website has been optimised to offer you the best user experience. In case you experience a slow speed, please check the connection with your Internet Service Provider.
Event-specific registration forms can be created on organizing an event. The organizer can also capture and download registrations and approve or reject registrants. Communication with the registrants is also available and participant check-in is allowed through the apps. Feedback collection, on-site polls and interaction amongst participants are other exciting options to be made use of.
No money is charged for creating an event, if it is an event where participants have to pay to register. A percentage is deducted by us from the amount so collected to defray our expenses. For creating an event which is free to attend, a nominal charge of INR 1000 plus taxes is levied. Hence, the amount will depend on the ticket type (free/paid). For a detailed explanation, please go through our Pricing Policy.
Your participation may still be under review. You will be informed of such a state and will get an acceptance or rejection mail as and when the organizer reviews your case.
Use the MEG app at your event to:
  • Check-in participants
  • Participant feedback
  • Conduct polls
  • Allow participants to interact
  • Distribute pictures, presentations, videos
  • Communicate with registrants
The event organizer can download the MEG Organizer app from the Google Play Store ( and all attendees can download the Participant app from the Google Play Store ( or the App Store (
No. Polls can be created from the website only; however, these can be started from the Organizer app too.
The results will be shown in a chart form.
All approved attendees who have registered through MEG can be checked-in at the event venue through the Organizer and Participant apps. Check-in is allowed in two ways:
(a) Through QR code – The Organizer will check-in the participant by scanning participant’s QR code.
(b) Through email id/mobile number – If the approved attendee has not downloaded the app, the Organizer can check-in her/him by entering email id or mobile number used to register for the event.
We would love to provide you a better experience in the future and look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact us at or +91-120-4766914 (10 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.).

Disclaimer: All information provided above is accurate at the time of posting this on the web. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by using the aforementioned information. However, MyEventGateway or Channel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. shall not be held liable for the same.